Saturday, October 4, 2008


First off , I have to tell you what has happened with me, that God uses this to desribe His searching for our love,worship & prayer. For the past 1 1/2 week or so, the crows have killed & eaten all of our birds,(Finches,chickidees,hummingbirds,titmice,cardinals,robins)there are no birds at all. I actually have looked outside & seen a crow put a little yellow finch under its claws,until it died & then ate it........I have grieved this, I have cried unto God,prayed about it, it was very disturbing to say the very least, and so sad. Every now & then I look outside for just one bird, and there are none, I go outside to water flowers & hear the chirp of one lonely bird in a small distance ,knowing in my spirit it cries for its mate ,or chicks. You have to feel my sadness here , so you can comprehend the Word of the Lord., so bear with me. Looking outside is like emptiness, maybe a cemetary ,flowers,bird feeder & hummingbird feeders & No Birds at all. ...not even a squirrel. At first I cried and was so deeply heartbroken,how could this be? I would fall asleep at night talking to God about it. I would look outside on the average of say 20 times a day for a bird & nothing & sorrow each time.......God said, "See how you often look for the birds & the sorrow & heartbreak that you feel? The Grief?See all the emptiness, and you feel defeated in your effort to feed them & miss the Joy of watching them at the feeders & hearing their beautiful & joyous song"?The Lord said , that is how I feel as I wait , & my eyes scour all the earth for the love & worship & prayer of all my children, how you hear one chirp a ways off, is how I feel, when I say, ahhhhhhhh there is one heart of mine, that loves me, seeks me & talks to Me. Now the Lord is asking,what is your sorrow?who causes sorrow in your heart? what causes sorrow in your heart? Is it a spouse that left, and you wait continually for the voice of your spouse to come back home? Is it the Loss of a loved one, that grieves your heart,causing much pain & sorrow? Is it a child that strayed away from home , and you are saddened in your heart, can this be?So, the Lord is saying, as you search often for the one who left you , grieving,so sad in your heart, your heart is broken, See how , (in my case) I hear the chirp of one bird in the distance,ahhhhhhh one is still there, maybe it will come back here.,and again my heart is saddened.No Birds at all....God says,I wait continually for your love,for your hearts cry for Me,for the Most part I find none,No Body No Where walks & talks with Me,why is it,says the Lord, that you never meet Me in the Secret Place of My Presence?Remember says the Lord, My Eyes search to & fro throughout the earth ... continually for your Love, Your worship of Me , your prayers unto Me , and only a faint cry afar off in the wilderness , do I hear the cries,worship & love of So Few.and often times as I search I hear nothing , Not a sound....No one is there, no not one(I too am Grieved )I too sorrow after your hearts of love & worship...I stand with My hands out stretched just for you, where I can Hear Your Hearts cry & worship ,thanksgiving & prayer, Come unto Me ,Meet Me in the Secret Place says the Lord, I am here waiting just for you.Says the we can compare our own sorrows,sadness ,grief,brokenhearts, somewhat with that of God's own heart for us His own Children in Christ Jesus.God is also saying right here, get your eyes up off the cares of this world unto Him, He alone can take away all sins,sorrow & grief, all pain, sickness.
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